Types of Poems I Want to Write

Art, Poetry, Translation, Writing September 24, 2013

A book-length poem; no asterisks.

A single, tremendous haiku.

A Petrarchan sonnet that does not read like an exercise.

A poem in which animals are gods.

A poem in which I am god.

A narrative poem.

A poem of incomplete sentences that cannot be described as “fragments.”

Many, many translations, with Lucifer as my muse (see Waldrop).

A poem composed of a thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.

Haibun based on a real journey up a mountain.

Haibun based on an imagined journey into the depths of the earth.

A poem about my hair, preferably an ode.

A work of poetic dialog, perhaps a drama.

A single line worth tattooing on my body.

A poem about meat.

A travelogue in which I go nowhere.

An apostrophe to seasons that changes your mind about seasons.

A poem that leads to instant memorization.

A work someone could find in a desert and turn into a religion.

A poem that invents a new landscape (not a metaphor).

A poem devoid of metaphors and similes, though not necessarily of metonymy.

A poem in which I utterly escape my Catholic past.

A taxonomy.

A poem that is a novel and not vice versa.

A photograph.

A poem in which I am either the head or the legs of the figure in the following painting:

Kazimir Malevich. Complex Presentiment: Half-Figure in a Yellow Shirt. 1928-32.

Maybe I am the house.

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