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– speak less of other people
– watch more good cinema
– sleep well



I found a poem I wrote on 06.04.09 called “A doctoral student confesses”—it is oddly prescient:



“so sound would be plural like description is” (Giscome Road 52)

“Sentences find you, style finds you on the road out; it overtakes you effortlessly, it palavers” (69)



Celan/Joris (327)



against nostalgia
………….trauma porn (not porn)
………….absence of affect
………….visual rhetoric as a substitute for prosody
………….pretend fragmentation



“The only wisdom we can hope to acquire
Is the wisdom of humility: humility is endless.”
(Eliot, “East Coker”

“Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought:”
(“East Coker”)

“The moment of the rose and the moment of the yew-tree
Are of equal duration.”
(“Little Gidding”)



le futur est un vent
(Etel Adnan, L’apocalypse arabe)



For future reference, ask a student who uses a slur: what do you get out of using that word?



Silk chrestomathy
To get into silk



etymology different in OED and etymonline
an archaic variation is “quaint”

[OED]→“cuntehoare,” a flower
[etymonline]→ME “cunte”

Latin, cunnus
cunnilingus — cunnus + lingere
………………………………………(to lick)

pussy ×
cunt √



To write a poem about silk:
– resync/re‘translate’ subtitles for Le cri de la soie
– watch/annotate Le cri de la soie
– translate de Clérambault’s « Passion érotique des étoffes chez la femme »
– wear silk as I write
wear silk all day for a week
– buy more silk



Try this radical experiment: stop using the word ‘radical’


the hand
that fashions ideas
growing out of hand        (Ray Ragosta, Varieties)

an idea in the architecture


‘Idea of the Body’
…….commentary of the series
…….joke on the vacuous regurgitations ‘body body body’



Etymology not as truth, proof for my sophomoric essay
but a way to make words smell different.



a glut of influence vs a curation/canon.



“Let mind be more precious than soul; it will not / Endure.”
Hill, “Funeral Music”



“I know no speck so troublesome as self.”
George Eliot, Middlemarch



The problem not of performance but of speech / reading GH, Speech! Speech!



mythologizing the self through discussions of process



A love of subtitle files and the people who resync them.



The pornography of accuracy on period-based TV shows.



Ideas for dishes:
seared tuna wrapped in a thin sheet of guava jelly
cauliflower purée infused with curry leave, under beef



Will I ever get used to Americans asking me how I am?



“The time of fashion, therefore, constitutively anticipates itself and consequently is also always too late. . . . So, being in fashion, like contemporariness, entails a certain “ease,” a certain quality of being out-of-phase or out-of-date, in which one’s relevance includes within itself a small part of what lies outside of itself, a shade of démodé, of being out of fashion.”
Agamben, “What Is the Contemporary,” tr. Kishik & Pedatella



“Rather, writing stands against psychology, against interiority, by giving an author a possibility of becoming more than his or her nominal self, of trading the insistent solidity of the family tree for the whole field of desire and history. The romance of the individual life is exceeded, deterritorialized, escaped.”
Dana Polan, Translator’s Introduction to D&Gs’s Kafka



Since we’re all “political poets” now, maybe time to seriously think about James Scully’s differentiation between the terms
…………….. political
………………protest        poetry
and how one might elaborate/complicate those differentiations


[highly excerpted from my journal]

2016: Books

2016: Movies


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