Inspirations of Fashion

Fashion June 12, 2017

Donald Glover in Gucci Coat

Purushu Arie in Purushu Arie

Sharon Needles (Aaron Cody) in Man Drag

Rami Malek in Dior Homme

The Original Spike


Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil

This Moody Pringle of Scotland Model

Indian Jesus

American Jesus

Scott “Non-Federation Steps” Hastings

Charles Ryder (Irons Version)

This Man Teaching You How to Wear a Lungi

Keith Carradine, a Duellist

Detective Frank Pembleton

Whoever This Is in Magical Pleated Pants

Gender Fluid Fashionables in Sanjukta Roy

Samuel “Legs for Days” Beckett

Toshiro Mifune

Modern Hui Fashions

Unknown Scotsman in Kilt

Waris Ahluwalia

Tall Leprechaun

Old Timey Test Cricket Outfits*

The Twelfth Doctor

For an odd, brief moment, about ten years ago, I dressed like a tomboy.

Then I looked at my body and realized it didn’t look right.

I’m thinking of trying some new things, so I’ve made a moodboard. I like how these people dress or have been dressed. I like how they move or be-still.

I can’t say I’ll get very far, considering my hair, which is now about the size and weight of a cat.

But hey, I just bought a bolo tie! And maybe I’ll get a lungi and find an uncle to teach me how to tie it.

Where should I shop in Bangalore this summer? (I’m visiting.)

Question for those in a position to know: is drag fictive or poetic?



*That’s a photo of the first Indian test cricket team. They played in England in 1932, pre-Independence.

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