Poems Online

“Experiment with Aspic,” “Rhapsody,” & “Rhapsody”
Lana Turner 11

from “Epistle to the Efficience”
The Rumpus


“Wear Simple Clothes”
Seedings 5

Boston Review

“The Emporium” & “Idea”
Western Humanities Review 71.1

“Il y a un futur. Le futur passe” & “Meniscus”
Witness XXIX.3

“Route: Desert”
Poor Claudia

FOLDER Magazine

“Speeches, Minor”
Hardly Doughnuts

“Leech Country,” “Five Acres,” “Strangler Fig” & “Ballet”

“The God Word,” “If Thought Is,” & “Blessed Is”
The Offending Adam 178.1

“Letters, Minor”

from The Robing of the Bride
High Chair 17

My poetry also appears in the print journals Berkeley Poetry Review 49, Bat City Review 14, The Capilano Review 3.28, Volt 21, MiPOesias April 2014, The Iowa Review 42.3, and The New England Review 33.2.

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